English-speaking Japanese lawyer at central Tokyo, handling immigration/asylum cases, family law and employment law matters, and medical malpractice cases.

【Unity in Diversity】towards multi-ethnic & multi-cultural Japan through legal service

Practice Areas:

  • Immigration/Asylum Cases:

    e.g. Overstayed my visa but want to stay on for my kids.

    e.g. I face persecution in my home country but the Immigration is trying to deport me.

  • Family Law Matters:

    e.g. How to get a divorce here for a foreign residents couple.

    e.g. Want to divorce Japanese husband but worried about my spouse visa.

  • Employment Law Matters:

    e.g. Want to fight back unfair dismissal.

    e.g. How to get rid of a trouble-maker lawfully.

  • Others:

    e.g. Looking for an English-speaking medical malpractice lawyer.

Financially disadvantaged?
Legal aid may be applied for, both for legal couselling and litigation/negotiations. Where such aid is available, counselling is free, and no payment is required for at the time of initiation of litigation/negotiations. Legal aid also covers interpretation/translation costs to an extent.

*Criminal Defense is not part of the Practice Areas.

Notes and Notices:

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